Height: n/a
Birth Year: 2011
Breeder: Key Warmbloods
Owner: Key Warmbloods
Predicate: Stud Colt
Price: Please Inquire


Uphill X Why Not G (Quite Easy) - CWHBA
Upstart carries the promise of performance in his pedigree, conformation and eager inquisitive temperament. Even at his young age this foal shows self carriage in his movement, with exceptional knee and hock action. His Sire UPhill was the preferred dressage breeding stallion in the Netherlands in 2009. His foals report confirms a uniform collection of well developed foals with plenty of length in the leg which are true to Dressage type. The foals move easily and correctly with good use of the hind leg. Althought Uphill himself in only of 2001 vintage he has already produced two approved sons Briljant (Uphill X Darlington) and Carltonl HIll ( Uphill X Vincent). Uphill has had 7 sons selected for the 70 day test. Upstart is one of only a few Uphill foals in North America.  Uphill  no longer has frozen semen available for sale in North America while he focuses on his performance career.  Due to Canada importation requirements Uphill would have to be in quaranteen for a min 3 months for his semen to be shipped to Canada.  This quarantine period would interfere in his performance career and therefore the decision to not ship to Canada has to be made.    

Ster Preferent Prestatie
Naomi Ceroon
Ster Preferent
Apollonios xx
Why not G
KWPN registered
Quite Easy
Landgirl X Landgraf I


SOLD  to Don Toney of Lethbridge Alberta.  Congratulations please keep us informed of his progress 

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