Illiana (Charmeur x Sandro Hit) Confirmed in foal to Livaldon (Vivaldi x Donnerhall)

Jun 15, 2016

Livaldon (Vivaldi x Donnerhall)

Our Second confirmed pregnancy is Illianna (Charmeur x Sandro Hit) to Livaldon. Illiana includes the great Jazz and Florencio and more in her pedigree. Livaldon ( Vivaldi x Donnerhall) also includes KrackC, Flemmngh and Jazz in his early pedigree. Illiana's dam Sandrotana Von Hof Olympia was the highest selling foal at the Borcolo Vulen Veiling in 2006 at $60,000.00. Her sad misfortune to sustain an injury took her from the performance line to the broodmare barn.

Illiana is our newest imported horse. She arrived when she was only a weanling with her dam. At Just 3 years old, she has been started under saddle, will return to under saddle work for a refresher in the summer and then be given time off again to get ready to be a mom.

Livaldon is still young, his impeccable conformation and appearance is already exciting to see; long legged and equipped with outstanding sport horse attributes. His extraordinary shoulder freedom in trot, canter, and ever rhythmic walk will make him into a top dressage horse. He was fanatically celebrated at his licensing where he earned the title of Premium Stallion. Livaldon, although registered with the Hanoverian combines the most desired dressage lines of the Netherlands. This reminds us that the breed is Warmblood and that registries are only geographical markers. The horse is always the same horse regardless of registry.

Check out this gorgeous pair of upcoming parents.

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