Birth Year: 2006
Breeder: Van Helvoirt
Predicate: Approved Stallion

 Performance Test

Dressage Ability:9


Florencio X Jazz X Ulft - KWPN licencing champion

Here is a video of Charmeur in 2013 https


Report KWPN:

Charmeur a son of multiple World Champion Florencio. Trendy is an elite mare Mother of the preference Jazz. Grandmother of Endy Ulft and performs the Keur predicate, Preference and Performance. Endy is also on record as the mother of the NMK champion Andy (v.Jazz) and dressage horses Carmines (v: Damiro) Montango (v.Contango) and Peron (v: Jazz) and a grandmother of KWPN stallions Viento Uno W (v: Numero Uno), Zhivago (v.Krack C) and South Wind (v.OO-Seven). Wendy's great-grandmother of Amor and also holds the Keur predicate, Preference and PerformanceThen the dam line continues with the selection preference Miesje, a daughter of Grand Seigneur (v.Eratosthenes xx).

Chameur is a well developed riding type stallion with  upward direction well in the dressage model. The head is somewhat big and plain. The neck is plenty of length. The neck is a good length, shape and muscularity. The shoulder is a good length and location. The withers are well developed and good length. The back has a good length and plenty of muscle. The loin is taut. The croup is sloping and good length and muscle. The front leg is correct. The hind leg is correct.. The foundation is good. The feet are somewhat narrow with well-developed heel.

Research report: 
Charmeur is an honest and reliable stallion with a good attitude.. The stallion is very willing to work and is working well. The walk is pure, good scope and could at times be more active. The trot has very good scope The canter is good scope and he carries well.
Charmeur moves uphill with lots of expression. The stallion shows a very good self-carriage and has a lot of flexibility.

As a dressage horse, Charmeur has much talent and gives his rider a good feeling.

Stable behavior: 
Charmeur is an honest and reliable , and is easy to handle and quiet in the  stable.

He's a really lovely, modern type with a superb trot and canter mechanism--his walk is his weakest gait.  The mareline is really consistent for producing supple, athletic horses that are successful in sport and keurings.  This horse is bred by van Helvoirt, who bred Jazz himself.  The Wendy line, that is behind this horse, is one of the most successful dressage lines in Holland.  It's really interesting blood for us in North America.  I'm not saying he'll work with every mare--Florencio's dam brings short legs and a heavier type, but we've certainly seen some successful crosses with him on Dutch mares.

Charmeur Florencio Florestan I Fidelio
Raute H
Walessa Weltmeyer
Trendy Jazz Cocktail
Endy Ulft


Stallion Testing 2010

 Trot 9.0 
 Canter 9.0 
 Conformation 8.5 
 Balance & Posture9.0
 Rideability 9.0 
 Suitablility as a dressage horse 9.0 


Licensed KWPN and Oldenburg


florestan I
Raute H
Keur Predicate
Keur Predicate

 Offspring Achievements

 Photo Gallery 
May 7, 2014
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Jhyllenhaal - Charmeur x Sandro Hit
From the Incredible Charmeur and out of the famous Loma Mare line.
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Jhivago - Charmeur (Florencio x Jazz) X Sandrotana (Sandro Hit X Calipso III)
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Jhivago - Charmeur x Sandrotana Van Hof Olympia (Sandro Hit)
KWPN filly
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Illianna - Charmeur x Sandro Hit
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